Plenty of information is available on line about both The Yukon and Tagish/Carcross. You will also find valuable information at the Visitor Information Centers available in most of towns and villages throughout Yukon. And of course, don't be afraid to ask other people for help or indications, they will help you for sure! Just rely on Canadian hospitality, and welcome to the Yukon!

We´ve prepared some links that may be helpful for you: Here you will find the latest about events and general information of what's happening in the Yukon. They also have a free weekly magazine distributed Yukon wide. Yukon website dedicated to inform about Aurora Borealis probability. You can also check for forecasts centered in Alaska or for an aereal view from the North Pole. Government weather information in the Yukon, including current and forecasts. Carcross/Tagish First Nations website. Here you'll find information about their history, people and ethnoliguistics. Aldo you'll find upcoming events and activities, usually held in Carcross (33km west from Tagish). Tagish Community Association official website. Here you'll find the most extensive information available about the residents of Tagish, events and contact information. Official website of the Yukon Tourism government branch. On this webpage you can plan your trip and search for services, brochures, event calendars and maps. Canada Parks website. Includes relevant information about National Parks such as business hours and locations. Already filtered for the yukon. The Yukon Government website. Here you'll find important information about services, legislation and other relevant matters for residents, newcomers and business operators.