At Tagish Holiday Park we value each and every guest the same way. We understand that you are on holiday and want to have fun, but we also understand that some of our customers value the peace and tranquility of Tagish. We also value our customers safety, so we encourage them to follow some simple yet fundamental rules so we can be safe from forest fires and wild animal attacks. And in case you are travelling along with your pet, we are not a pet-friendly business, so if you are travelling with one we can refer you to the next stop, or you may choose to leave your pet in your vehicle.

sleep hours

Summertime in the Yukon comes along with massive daylight time. Even though daytime never seems to end, time still passes, and our guests value their sleeping times as much as we do. Therefore, any noises that might bother other guests between 10pm and 8am are forbidden. This includes loud music, innecesary driving, high volume talking and other activities that might disturb the resting time of our valued customers. If you must drive within the property during these hours, please be careful enough to make it as fast and quiet as possible.

fire safety

Campfires are aloud in the premises only in the set locations for campers, and you MUST inform about these in the office, so you can get safety measures guidance and a fire extinguisher kit for use if neccesary. Campers should also get their permit for this. Fires are permitted only in specific areas and must be fully put off with water before going to sleep. You must NEVER leave the campfire unattended while in use.

wild animal safety

Tagish has a rather big population of brown (and some grizzly) bears. With their curious behaviour and large appetite during high season, unattended organic leftovers can make a perfect scenario for them to pay us a visit. Bear attacks are rare events in the Yukon, but they do happen. Trash cans and recycle bins are emptied often so we can minimize this potential animal hazzard, so please use them. For a complete brochure on what to do in case of a bear attack, please check the downloadable guide from the Yukon Government website.


We don't have a pet friendly policy. Pets are not allowed in the premises.

Keeping it clean

Trash cans, recycle and organic bins are located in front of the office at Tagish Holiday Park, so please help us keeping it clean. Also, by leaving trash elsewhere you can affect wild life in Tagish and lure unwanted visitors.

Failure to comply with the "Rules of the House" will end up with the customer and his/her group being asked to leave the premises at once WITHOUT REFUND. These are simple rules, and no exemptions are made. Please remember when you book that Tagish Holiday Park reserves the right of admission, so we can keep a peaceful, clean and safe place for all of us to enjoy.